Hey there. I’m Karyn.

The girl with headphones.

I am an audio storyteller who makes spell-binding audio dramas and podcasts you can’t stop listening to.

 I also produce and mix audio with some awesome creators, you can check out their projects (and my work) below.

Guess what?

I just launched Season 3 of the Dracula Files.

Grab your copy below!

New Release – Season 3

Convinced now that Dracula is in San Francisco, Van Helsing and the others set out to destroy the vampire.

Find out how the chilling Dracula Files trilogy concludes!

Grab Season 3 at Wondercon!

Online purchase available soon

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The Myth Archive

Plug in your headphones and be transported across time by the great stories of cultures from around the world. Lean in close to the campfire as storytellers recount the trials of Prometheus, the shapeshifting of Loki, and the heartbreak of Kaguya-hime.

The Dracula Files

Suppose Dracula never went to London in 1883 but instead set his hand against the city of San Francisco.

The Dracula Files is a 3-season audio drama that faithfully follows the characters and events of Brahm Stoker’s novel in a new setting, adapting Stoker’s storytelling through letters, journals and telegrams into the voicemails, audio memos, and radio spots of today.

Season 1 available online, Seasons 2 & 3 coming soon!

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Monster Maker

Regarding the Monkey

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